Engraving systems - Maintenance on site


Years of experience show, that the magnatisation and electromechanics of the engraving system are quite stable during many years. Nevertheless engraving system should be checked regulary, as consistence the of the synthetic materials of the dampings is altering during the years - as well as the analogical parts of the engraving amplifier and the character of the cooper cylinder. For this reason I developed a service concept, which combines a maintenance on site with a concurrent alignment of engraving amplifier and  adjustment of supports.


Optimal damping values

Due to a test engraving of a special tif-file we can identify the optimal damping value for our customers. The damping optimises the streaking and bouncing behavior of the diamond, whose intensity is dependend of the hardness of cooper and crystalline structure (cutting ability of the cooper layer) of the cylinder. The specific damping value for the needs of our customers can be identified.


Minimising of ribbon differences

Due to the fact that all systems of a mulitchanal machine will be adjuested to the exact same damping value, line differences are minimised.


Record of characteristic linie

The characteristic linie of each system is being measured. Hereby it can be shown, whether a system loses magnatisation or whether there is a displacement in the symmetry of the system. Those systems can be sorted out and send out to renew the magnatisation.

Due to the set up of a mobile measuring system, all those working steps can be done on site at the customers machines. The advantage of this a huge reduction of costs and time:

  • the costs and time of transportation are saved as the engraving systems must not be send out to maintenance in big piece numbers
  • the use of and the complex start-up of borrowed exchange systems is not necessary

All systems are on the same level after the maintenance, which is an important requirement for high quality engraving.



To guarantee an optimal engraving the heights of the systems, the horizontal orientation and the function of the water level will be checked and all pressing forces, Freiwege and stop positions will be adjusted. The analog engraving amplifier will be aligned and the compensation of hysteresis will be set to neutral.



The test engraving to identify the damping values requires approximately one working day.

The aligment of the engraving amplifier, the adjustment of the supports and the final test engraving requires one working day as well.

The maintenance of one system takes approximately 1,5 hours.



working day each ---- €
engraving system each ---- €

If a system needs to be send out for repairing, we charge

---- €

Eventually damaged items such as bushings, hubs or bearing plates are not included and will be charged extra.

Arrival and departure to the known conditions:

0,46 € per km/ 40 € per travelling hour

plus out-of pocket expenses and expenses for overnight accommodation.


Partner for

  • perfect service for quality assurance

  • improvment of engraving quality

  • stabilisation of engraving results